Participate/Transact in Project Funding via My POS Exchange Secured Marketplace

Senders, receivers, and intermediaries contribute in helping developers, project owners, cities/municipalities, countries, governments, and global economies grow and develop.

MyPOSXchange also assists terminal owners and receivers worldwide in monetizing digital funds for humanitarian projects worldwide!

This is a secured & targeted marketplace for a more efficient placement of project funds.


Card/Terminal Loading

Enable project fund loading/digital funds to owner of VISA debit or MC debit card and POS terminal.

Digital Funds Card Placement

Enable matching a sender/card holder with a receiver.

Digital Funds Terminal Placement

Enable matching a sender/fund owner with POS terminal owner.

Server 2 Server Transfer/Download Placements

Enable matching a sender/fund owner with verified receivers.


MyPOSXChange Secured Portal was created to establish a transparent direct communication between senders/fund owners/card holders and receivers who have authorizations and licenses to monetize funds for the benefit of a project, locality, government, country, or society.

It was created by veterans in the trade finance industry with years of experience and performance.

This marketplace is for the benefit of the trade finance industry and for faster, transparent, and clean placement of funds for projects worldwide.

We welcome any suggestions to improve our marketplace!


  • 100% Secure

    Our portal is fully secured and all private information is stored on secure servers. All client information is usually secured with approval/authorization code. Furthermore, the site is being monitored 24/7. There is no transmission of card information via email.

  • MyPOSXchange is the only true trade finance marketplace that enables direct, secured, and managed communication between senders/fund owners and receivers/projects owners. Our system eliminates any broker chain communication that inhibits transaction closing, while rewarding any participating entity with commission as designated via any contract between a sender and a receiver. We ensure all intermediaries will be rewarded when participating in any transaction.

  • Our secured portal is backed by entity ratings, performance tracking, and additional due diligence that fund owner/card holders are verified and that they own clean verified funds with non-criminal origin which are assigned for project funding and humanitarian projects worldwide.

  • MyPOSXhange System enables any fund owner/card holder to match and find suitable receivers based on sending criteria. It also allows receivers to quickly verify and select appropriate fund owners that match the funding and project the receivers can fulfill.

  • This marketplace filters and assists real fund owners and receivers to transact more efficiently. We provide objective verified ratings on each entity based on past performance while minimizing any fraudulent activity/player or non-performing entities.